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Faded Beauty: Ghost Signs

They watch you as you drive by, trying to catch your attention one more time before they¬† fade into lost memories. Maybe you glanced at them while waiting at a light. Or maybe they’ve been there for so many years they no longer register in your consciousness.

I’m talking about the painted advertising signs that grace the old, downtown Ghost Sign: Rosen Bros., Douglas Street, Wichita, KSbuildings. Often called “Ghost Signs”, other names are “ghost ads”, “phantoms”, “fading ads, “brick ads”. Few and far between, some still remain around town; the graphics and lettering often the only reminder of the what was once sold. Some are visible only after it rains, which is where they get the nickname, “ghost signs”. Continue reading


Retro Advertising — Good Old Days?

Hoo boy!¬† Just when I dream about the “good old days”, I run across something like these old advertisements:

Wrecked Volkswagen Beetle

Check out these ads… I’d love to know the thoughts that these provoke! Continue reading