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Faded Beauty: Ghost Signs

They watch you as you drive by, trying to catch your attention one more time before they  fade into lost memories. Maybe you glanced at them while waiting at a light. Or maybe they’ve been there for so many years they no longer register in your consciousness.

I’m talking about the painted advertising signs that grace the old, downtown Ghost Sign: Rosen Bros., Douglas Street, Wichita, KSbuildings. Often called “Ghost Signs”, other names are “ghost ads”, “phantoms”, “fading ads, “brick ads”. Few and far between, some still remain around town; the graphics and lettering often the only reminder of the what was once sold. Some are visible only after it rains, which is where they get the nickname, “ghost signs”. Continue reading


A Treasure Hunt on the Pony Express Highway

Treasure Hunt Map“Are you in?”, asks my friend, Karen. “Oh yeah!”, I said, and that’s all it took. Before I knew it, the day was here and I was going through my checklist. Laundry baskets and boxes – check. Old newspapers for wrapping – check. Gloves for reaching into dusty boxes – check. Bag-lady carts for, well, carting – check. Oh, and tote bags for toting – check. Camera – check. Lawn chairs for resting – check. And don’t forget the Treasure Map. Treasure Map?

Where are we going, you ask?  The 5th Annual U.S. 36 Highway “Treasure Hunt”, 400 miles of yard sales across Kansas! Yep! Every year along U.S.36, from Colorado to Missouri, Kansas towns put out their “stuff” and people like me and my friend, Karen, drive hours in giddy excitement to give them money for what had been in their basements and garages just hours ago!

US Highway 36 Pony Express Sign

US Highway 36 in Kansas


So, Friday morning, with the gas tank full and the back of my Highlander already half-full (with my checklist stuff), we’re on our way into the wild green yonder! Woo and Hoo!  Watching Wichita in the rear-view mirror, we Continue reading

Featured Artist: Andreas Nottebohm – The King of Metal Art

Now and then I like to highlight artists whose work appeals to me.


The Sacramento Press published a recent article that I’m passing on to you.  Enjoy!

Sacramento Press / Crocker Artist Andreas Nottebohm- The King of Metal Art.

WANTED: Doodlers, Sketchers and Artists (budding and otherwise)

Artist In Studio


There are just some sites that MUST be experienced! 



  • JacksonPollock.org is one of the most famous works of Internet Art, made by Miltos Manetas in 2003.
  • Introducing the new Apple’s Tablet Computer Named IPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that “JacksonPollock.org” is one of the best websites to experience the iPad and “Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas” is definitelly the best application for the iPad.
  • JacksonPollock.org is People’s Voice Winner of the Webby Awards
  • Time Magazine listed JacksonPollock.org on the Top 50 coolest websites
  • JacksonPollock by Miltos Manetas is also an iphone app and an ipod application.
  • JacksonPollock.org is a Neen artwork