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A Treasure Hunt on the Pony Express Highway – The Movie

This is Part 2 of “Ahttp://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=c2508f8b1e2119f1be323c&skin_id=1006&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url Treasure Hunt on the Pony Express Highway.”

If you missed Part 1, click here.

The very best part of any hunting excursion is “the reveal”, like they say on those design shows.  Just reading about them is B-O-R-I-N-G! So I put together a little 3 minute video to let you “come along” with us this year. Continue reading


A Treasure Hunt on the Pony Express Highway

Treasure Hunt Map“Are you in?”, asks my friend, Karen. “Oh yeah!”, I said, and that’s all it took. Before I knew it, the day was here and I was going through my checklist. Laundry baskets and boxes – check. Old newspapers for wrapping – check. Gloves for reaching into dusty boxes – check. Bag-lady carts for, well, carting – check. Oh, and tote bags for toting – check. Camera – check. Lawn chairs for resting – check. And don’t forget the Treasure Map. Treasure Map?

Where are we going, you ask?  The 5th Annual U.S. 36 Highway “Treasure Hunt”, 400 miles of yard sales across Kansas! Yep! Every year along U.S.36, from Colorado to Missouri, Kansas towns put out their “stuff” and people like me and my friend, Karen, drive hours in giddy excitement to give them money for what had been in their basements and garages just hours ago!

US Highway 36 Pony Express Sign

US Highway 36 in Kansas


So, Friday morning, with the gas tank full and the back of my Highlander already half-full (with my checklist stuff), we’re on our way into the wild green yonder! Woo and Hoo!  Watching Wichita in the rear-view mirror, we Continue reading

Flea Market Finds, Discarded Pots and Vessels, Inexpensive Lamps and Found Objects Enhance the Garden…

I was browsing around on the internet and ran across this article with great photos about using found and discarded objects in a garden.  I love to use items in a way other than they were originally meant to be used.  And it’s always interesting to see what ideas others come up with.

How about you?  Leave a comment below.

via The Gardener’s Eden – Adorn: Flea Market Finds, Discarded Pots and Vessels, Inexpensive Lamps and Found Objects Enhance the Garden….

Professional Home Decorating Ideas

Traditional Guest Room

Traditional Guest Room

 Every two years, the Wichita (KS) Symphony finds an elegant home whose owner would be willing to let each of several local designers & design firms decorate a room as a fundraising event and is anticipated by many locals.  

Each room is transformed with paint, wallpaper, furnishings and accents.  2009’s themes were French Country, Old World, Traditional and Contemporary.  Gorgeous murals,  Italian tiles, rich woods and delicious fabrics are everywhere! 

My sisters and I always make sure to visit the home in its “before” stage and then, of course, we have a great time walking through each room in the home once they’re finished.  We are never disappointed! 

In 2009, the Wichita Symphony Showhouse XVI was a series of 4 new townhouses.  So it was extra special!  Each townhouse had a different “theme” and the contrasts were both amazing and wonderful! 

They were gracious enough to allow me to photograph some of my favorite rooms and vignettes and now I want to share a few of them with you.  Leave a comment & let me know which are your favorites.   Continue reading